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Allimed Capsules - 100 ct. (450mg each)

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Allimed Capsules - 100 ct. (450mg each)
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Allimed Capsules with Stable Allicin - 100 (450 mg) capsules of Allimed | The Best Stable Allicin on the Market

Allimed is a garlic supplement made with Allisure, the best stabilized allicin extract.  Allimed is our strongest allicin product!  Each Allimed vegi-cap contains 450 mg of allicin, which is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Allicin is created when the alliinase enzyme in garlic interacts with alliin causing a chemical reaction that produces allicin; garlic's biting taste and aroma is also the result of this process.  The resultant compound is inherently unstable and will quickly degrades into various sulfur-containing compounds.  Our Allimed contains stabilized bioabsorbable allicin that will survive the digestive process to become available when most capable of being absorbed by the body.

Suggested Use:

  • 1-3 Capsules per day (Adults);
  • 1 Capsule per day (Children, 4 years or older); or
  • as directed by your health care professional.
Customer Reviews
Rating When All Else Failed, Allimed Came Through
My teenaged boy caught MRSA from a scratch he obtained playing Varsity Basketball.It became serious fast as a blood poisoning line traveled up the length of his arm. The ER IV antibiotic, thank goodness got rid of the blood poisoning and the MRSA mostly retreated.The antibiotics they sent him home with however, did not eradicate the bacteria ...he had ongoing outbreaks for 5 months, until finding Allimed. We use both the Allimed Allicin capsules & the liquid, plus the Field of Greens....plus additionally, dramatically altered his diet-- no sugar,flour, processed foods...no inflammatory foods. He's finally recovering his health again. I can't say enough.
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Reviewed by:  from California. - 6/26/2017
Rating Bemer representative
I'm very thankful to have the Allimed product to have on hand when ever I start getting sick. For quite sometime, I had a cough I just couldn't shake and the garlic cleared it up quickly. Thank you Carrie for telling me about it and blessings as you help others with their health problems.
  Did you find this helpful?    1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from Brooksville. - 4/7/2017
Rating My mind is at ease!
So, at 6 weeks post partum, I developed a staph infection and it got taken care of at the ER and I was put on antibiotics. Afterwards, I started getting more abcesses and continuing rounds of antibiotics! My husband is an ER nurse and talked with a doctor about it who said it sounded like I developed MRSA. After I heard that, I knew I had MRSA. It was never officially tested, but I'm pretty sure I have it. I had been on antibiotics for 3 months! I have been taking Allimed for almost 3 months now and I am slowly healing. My body was a wreck after all the antibiotics I took. My husband developed MRSA in his nose as well and he got it taken care of so easy! He never took any antibiotics though. He's had no problems since taking the Allimed for a couple weeks! I am still taking it but am getting better. I have been working hard to change my diet as well. I am so happy I found Allimed! I love to tell people how awesome it is! I am at ease knowing I am taking something natural and safe to treat this superbug!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Illinois. - 10/12/2017
Rating Allimed Garlic Supplement
The whole family is now using Allimed. Trying to stay ahead of the cold and flu season. Great product.
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Reviewed by:  from Maine. - 9/10/2017
Rating Treating mrsa
We've used these products with success since 2015. Never had to take an antibiotic! I'm so thankful for Allimed!
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Reviewed by:  from California. - 3/28/2017
Rating Only thing that works
Allimed is the reason I'm still alive, I believe. I have been battling MRSA for about six months. The boils used to be very painful and large, but since I started using this product, they've pretty much gone away; or have shown up more like the size of a pimple than an actual boil. The pain is nonexistent as well. I stopped taking Allimed after my initial symptoms subsided, but they soon returned after. I take this every day now and it keeps things at bay.
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Reviewed by:  from Verona, WI. - 3/2/2017
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